The desert

The desert is a place of endless width, a place of quietness, a sea of sand where place and time vanish. A wonderful way to experience the rhythm of the desert is the Méharée- the camel trekking. You don’t need any particular knowledge for this experience in the desert. Guided by Bedouins you ride on dromedaries from dune to dune. Trekking or riding on dromedaries, the ships of the desert, you will discover the endlessness and life in the desert. Let yourself be enchanted by the light and the fascinating landscape of the desert. Riding on dromedaries is relaxing and great fun. By night the starry sky twinkles above you. If you have slept under the sky once, you will hardly return to the tent. It’s not unusual to catch a glimpse of a shooting star, it’s a time for wishes, a time for marveling.

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„Whoever ventures into the desert, comes back a different person.“

In the desert the noises and the daily hustle and bustle fall silent. The endlessness and the silence remain. You meet the plants and the animals of the desert and you get to know yourself. Campfires and music end the day full of experiences, by night you gaze in wonder at the twinkling sky.

He is a Bedouin, a nomad, a “blue man of the desert“ who has been familiar with the desert from his childhood. He plans his trips through the desert with a great sense of responsibility and pleasure. Optional trips through the desert and overnight stays in tents, according to your wishes, can be planned and he will accompany you on the trail. Ahmed was born in the desert and has grown up there. The Sahara is his home. He overcomes all kinds of obstacles, finds every path, can estimate possible dangers, knows plants and animals and the nearest well. He chooses the most beautiful places to spend the night. After a delicious meal, for example a tasty Tajine, the day ends around the campfire with music and stories. It’s impressing to experience Ahmed‘s empathy and his great sense of responsibility.

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You plan your own individual trip with Ahmed! There are the following possibilities:

We recommend that you end your trip to Morocco with a visit of magical Marrakesh – the pearl of the South.

"A trip with experiences like in the “Stories of 1001 nights.“



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Dates & prices

You plan and arrange your individual trip with Ahmed.

Private trip:

It’s a private trip with Ahmed. There is no travel agency involved. Ahmed works as a freelancer. So people who do a great job get the money. With his income Ahmed provides his family and finances the education of his children and sisters. Ahmed and his team are very grateful for your help. They are looking forward to you coming to Morocco.



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Ahmed Elgasmi
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Inquiry to the desert tour

Christine Nebas-Randak

For many years I’ve taken much pleasure in working as a teacher at a vocational College for Social Pedagogy. In the Easter holidays I participated in a guided trekking tour through the desert. At that time I discovered my passion for the desert and met Ahmet Elgasmi, who was our guide. One Year later I have visited Ahmed and his family again. My wish is to let you experience a wonderful trip through the desert and at the same time to support Ahmed and his family. Inch’ allah.

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